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12/15/2010: Little things 2

Continuing my series of shots of the small stuff along the way, this lonely feather lying in the path beside an oak leaf caught my eye. Feather texture is always interesting to me and the juxtaposition here, with the contrast between the sandy surface, and the smooth cellular oak leaf, drew my eye in. When you add the range of subtle color, it has me caught. What you might call a found still life.

I can only guess at the species of the bird…something fairly large from the size, and something that would be prey to a bigger bird or maybe a fox, from the look of it. Possibly a Blue Jay. [Srdjan Cuturilov on Facebook thinks it is a Morning Dove feather…which, all things considered, it very likely! Thanks Srdjan!]

Canon SX20IS @ 375mm equivalent and macro, f5 @ 1/250th @ ISO 400. Programmed auto.

Processed for intensity and clarity in Lightroom (see page link above).