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1/1/2011: Top posts of the year

4/29/2010: Great Horned Owl Chick, FL 6/4/2010: Bobolink, ME

7/16/2010: Fledgling Barn Swallow, ME 5/1/2010: Tricolored Heron, FL
11/1/2010: Yellow rumped Warbler, NJ 6/6/2010: Song Sparrow, ME
10/24/2010: reflections of fall, ME 5/8/2010: Chipper, ME
9/14/2010: Blue House, ME 11/28/2010: Crane at Sunset, NM

Happy New Year. May blessings find you every day of this new adventure, and may you make memories that will last your lifetime (and beyond!).

I want to thank all of you who have visited and commented on my Pic of the Day: blog this year. Your visits and comments keep me at it…and doing this project has forced me to do more photography the past 3 years than in the 15 before! It has trained my eye and my mind, as I think about the how and the why of each image…and, I believe, it has increased my ability to see an image waiting to be taken where ever and when ever I am. I have learned a lot. And it has been a lot of fun. Thank you again.

Looking back on 2010, these are these ten images got the most individual hits of all that I posted. (Of course, the Home Page was visited over 13,500 times…and I have no way of portioning out that number to whatever image was posted that day.) It is interesting to me to see how many of the images in the top 10 are digiscoped images of birds (or beasts). I would not have suspected that.

August 2nd was Pic of the Day:’s busiest day ever with 646 visitors. This iPhone HDR was the subject that day, though the post that day itself only got 127 views.

Since I started this project, in December 2008, it has had almost 110,000 visits, and over 1700 comments have been posted.

So, yes, I think I will keep it up another year! Once more…Happy New Year! May it be a creative one for all of us.