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1/20/2011: Vegas segment 3: curves

Vegas is a totally fabricated experience, and one in which each new fabricator feels the need to play with what everyone who passed that way before has done…adding effect to effect…until every juxtaposition is rich with intention. Or at least that is the way it can look. To me. I have the feeling that a trained eye should be able to trace the elaboration of form and light back to some essential center, to the original conjunction of two designing minds from which all this, over time, has sprung. Maybe somewhere around the Monte Carlo? I am certain it is all more random than that…but, being human, I will project order wherever possible, even if wildly unlikely.

This juncture of curves…and what the sun is doing with them on an early Vegas evening…arrested my eye long enough to record it with the little camera I had in my pocket, just in case.

Canon SD4000IS at about 105mm equivalent, f5.3 @ 1/1250th @ ISO 250. Programmed Auto.

Processed in Lighroom for intensity and clarity, and cropped slightly for composition.