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1/25/2011: uncommon Moorehen, Viera Wetlands

The Common Moorehen has been somewhat of a nemesis bird for me, at least for digiscoping. They are abundant at Viera Wetlands and Merritt Island, as well as in the Rio Grande Valley, so I have seen hundreds, if not thousands. I have tried to digiscope them on every trip, but never gotten a keeper. Generally it is an exposure issue. The red of the bill and face shield burns out and the black of the body closes up. I had about given up on Moorhens. Still…you have to try!

And I really like this shot. Not only is the exposure spot on (for which I take no credit…it is auto exposed), but I love the way the water on the back is caught in tiny beads, as well as the glint in the black eye. The glistening green weed adds something to the shot as well, as does the foamy water (the bird was swimming near an intake standpipe which was vigorously  pumping water into the empondment). So, moral of the story…try try again! At least when it comes to Moorehens.

Canon SD4000IS behind the 15-56x Vario eyepiece (near its wide end) on the ZEISS DiaScope 65FL spotting scope for the equivalent field of view of a 800mm lens, f4 @ 1/800th @ ISO 125. Programmed auto.

Lightly processed in Lightroom for clarity and sharpness.