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2/10/2011: Still-life with malice

I know…it is totally unreasonable to attribute malice to the alligator simply because of the way he looks (and sometimes acts)…especially this big fellow (girl) peacefully sunning on a mangrove bank at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, but, honestly, how can we help ourselves? And surely the still-life part is obvious, or would be if you have ever seen an alligator sunning.

Canon SD4000IS at about 2000mm equivalent field of view, 1/320th @ ISO 125, effective aperture of f11. Programmed Auto. Processed in Lightroom for clarity and sharpness.

This is the context shot, taken with the my regular non-digiscoping camera at about 40mm equivalent from the same spot. From this angle you can see that this is only a medium sized gator, still with a lot of years of growing to do.

And finally the almost abstract close up view at something close to 4000mm equivalent field of view, with an emphasis on the eye.