2/20/2011: Rosy Spoons, dessert

Happy Sunday!

We have completed our meal of Roseate Spoonbills for this winter (I will back in Spoonbill country in April 😉 and we finish with this delicious dessert confection. It was taken a few moments after yesterday’s helping, but turned 180 degrees so that the low afternoon sun was full on the birds, raising the pinks to a whole new level of intensity and giving dimension to the eye.

The bird is on that same mussel covered mangrove snag (see 2/18) and may well be the same bird. But what a difference the light makes!

Canon SD4000IS behind the 15-56x Vario on the ZEISS DiaScope 65FL for equivalent fields of view of 1) 5000mm @ 1/500th @ ISO 125, f13 effective, and 2) 2000mm @ 1/1250 @ ISO 125, f5.6 effective.

Processed in Lightroom for clarity and sharpness.

That was a lot of Spoonbills, a 5 course meal. Do you suppose if I lived in Titusville and visited Blackpoint Wildlife Drive at Merritt Island NWR daily, or even weekly, I would get tired of looking at Spoonbills? Do you suppose they might become so ordinary that I would stop looking. I’d like to think not. I’d like to think I could continue to celebrate the amazing beauty of this bird in all its seasons and in every weather and light. I know that is the way it ought to be…that I should be capable of that. I know that it is a matter of paying attention, of seeing through the film of ordinary to the extraordinary at the heart of every moment. I know that every moment is newly created…that every moment the world, the universe, myself, is newly created, had I only the eyes to see and the mind to grasp. If I were only willing to abandon the narrative of my existence which commands so much of my attention…if I were willing, as Jesus said, to die to myself I might live in the moment in all its infinite creative potential. I suspect that is the way we are made to live…that such a life, being the life of our creator, is supposed to be ours as well. If I ever get tired of looking at Spoonbills, it should come as a wake-up call, as a blaring alarm to bring me back from the sleep and dream of self to the waking life I could be living with my creator. After-all, I fully believe my creator made, and makes, the ultimate sacrifice so that I can turn from self and see…and in seeing, celebrate. Though it is generally beyond our culinary art, a good dessert, the right dessert, should leave you hungry, ready, pallet cleansed, for your next meal!

So, will you be ready for more Roseate Spoonbills by April? 🙂

1 Response to “2/20/2011: Rosy Spoons, dessert”

  1. 02/20/2011 at 1:56 pm

    Love that photo, he looks almost other-worldly! You seem to be able to look at the same bird with different eyes. I imagine there are people that would get tired of spoonbills – those poor folks! 😉

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