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More Reno Mountains

Another view of the mountains above Reno from the 8th floor of the Atlantis. Zoomed in for framing.

Sony DSC H50 at about 150mm equivalent. F4.0 @ 1/160th @ ISO100. Programmed auto.

Added Clarity and Vibrance in Lightroom. Blackpoint right. Sharpen landscape preset. Cropped from the bottom for composition.

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Reno Mountains

My suspicion is that Reno does not look this dramatic all the time. The snow on the mountains undoubtedly adds a dimension to the folded hills and mountains behind the cityscape. This is the view from an 8th floor window at the Atlantis Casino. Reno is impossible to photograph…or at lest the dramatic vistas with mountains, are impossible to photograph from street level since there are no unobstructed views…and, unlike Vegas which is continuous (and calculated) eyecandy, the architecture in Reno is, I am sorry, ugly. Oh, there are probably sticking buildings there somewhere, but certainly nothing I could reach on foot or see from the Atlantis. So…window shots.

Sanyo VPC CG10 at 38mm equivalent. F4.7 @ 1/450th @ ISO 50. Programmed auto. (The CG10 is an HD video camera with a 10 mega pixel CMOS senor, and can be set for 16/9 stills like this one at 7.5 mega pixels.)

Added Clarity and Vibrance in Lightroom. Blackpoint right. Sharpen landscapes preset. Some Recovery for the clouds and a touch of Fill Light for the shadows. Cropped from the bottom to improve composition and eliminate distracting clutter.

From Reno.