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Watered Yellow Rose

We only have very few roses in our yard…they don’t do as well as Daylilies…but we enjoy the ones we have. This bright yellow was in full bloom and I caught it right after an afternoon shower with the beads of rain still on the petals. This is another example of what I love about the Canon’s telephoto macro.

Canon SX20IS at full 560mm equivalent and macro, f5.7 @ 1/400th @ ISO 100. Aperture preferred.

Some Recovery in Lightroom. A small amount of Fill Light and Blackpoint right. Added Clarity and just a bit of Vibrance. Sharpen narrow edges preset.

From The Yard, Kennebunk ME.



Deep Purple (and too Yellow!)

Yes, still with the Daylillies. They never stop. Smile

Of course they will. We have to enjoy them while they are here. This is purple cultivar we bought a few anniversaries ago. It is not as vigorous or as prolific as the native plants and some of our other cultivars, but it has its own beauty. It is not easy to photograph. That yellow is simply too intense, and tends to burn out before there is enough light on the purple petals. Open shade held it all together here.

Canon SX20IS at 560mm equivalent field of view and macro. F5.7 @ 1/20th @ ISO 100. Aperture preferred, ISO set at 100. (Which meant I was pretty much dependent on the Image Stabilization for a 1/20th second hold!)

In Lightroom, some Recovery for the Yellow, Fill Light for the purple, added Clarity and and very little Vibrance indeed (the yellow blocks up with much saturation adjustment). Blackpoint just slightly right. Sharpen narrow edges preset.

From The Yard: Kennebunk ME.



Confusion of Lily

The Daylilies in our yard continue to bloom in profusion. This cluster caught my eye in the afternoon sun. This is Maine, so our afternoon sun at 2PM is already fairly low in the sky, something I have only come to appreciate as I have spent more time traveling. Again, I backed away here to frame the cluster with a medium longish zoom and macro. Using Aperture Preferred kept enough depth of field for the shot.

Canon SX20IS at about 260mm equivalent. F5.6 @ 1/320th @ ISO 80. Aperture preferred. –2/3s EV exposure compensation for the bright sun highlights on the petals.

Some Recovery in Lightroom to subdue the highlights even more. Added Clarity and a touch of Vibrance. Blackpoint just right. Sharpen narrow edges preset.

From The Yard: Kennebunk ME.



Daylily Fireworks

Happy Sunday. Happy 4th of July.

Fireworks of another kind. The inner fire of the Daylily in the early morning sun. This is the common variety…though we have several cultivars of different colors in our yard, acquired over the years. A drive around the neighborhood yesterday afternoon reminded me of just how abundant these Daylilies are in Southern Maine.  We have a few individual plants. Some yards have masses of them!

For this shot I used the tel-macro function of the Canon SX20IS to frame and isolate the strongly lighted flower against a darker background. One advantage of the tel-macro is that you can get this kind of shot without dealing with the shadow of the camera.

Canon SX20IS at about 450mm equivalent. F5.6 @ 1/500 @ ISO 250. Aperture preferred.

In Lightroom, a bit of Recovery for the highlights on the petals, Fill Light to slightly offset Blackpoint to the right. Added Clarity and a small amount of Vibrance. Sharpen narrow edges preset.

From The Yard: Kennebunk ME.

And, since it is Sunday and the 4th, a few more to celebrate.



Daylily in the Sun

This is the same lily as yesterday’s pic, but this time taken later in the morning when the early sun had found the flowers, and added some warmth to the purple.

Canon SX20IS. 1) 460mm equivalent @ f8 @ 1/640th @ ISO 125. Aperture preferred. 2) 28mm equivalent @ f8 @ 1/320 @ ISO 100. Aperture preferred.

The top shot is a good example of a tele-macro. It looks like a macro shot but it was taken from feet away at the long end of the zoom.

In Lightroom, Blackpoint just right, added Clarity and a touch of Vibrance. Sharpen narrow edges preset. Auto white balance (since the Canon put too much warmth in the flowers…making them more peach than purple).

From The Yard: Kennebunk ME.



First Daylilies of 2010

I was out early this morning for this shot of our first Daylily blooms. They actually came out yesterday, but I missed them. This is a fairly unique color for Daylily, and it is on the warmer side of the house so it often blooms first.

Canon SX20IS at 28mm and Super-macro. F2.8 @ 1/30th @ ISO 80. Programmed auto.

Blackpoint just slightly right in Lightroom 3. Added Clarity and a bit of Variance. Sharpen narrow edges preset. Cropped slightly on the right for composition.

From The Yard: Kennebunk ME.

And, for the fun of it, here is a similar shot taken with my new iPhone 4. You can see it on my flickr site by clicking the image. Not bad at all for a phone! Level adjustments and sharpening in PhotoGene on the iPhone.




Iris Surprise

This is a pretty straightforward shot.  My wife planted these Iris several years ago. Nothing. Then this year, boom. Tall and beautiful and full flower. Early morning sun brings out all the richness. A long tel macro setting at about 550mm, from 4 feet away, isolates the bloom against the background.

Canon SX20IS. F5.7 @ 1/320th @ ISO 200. Programmed auto.

A touch of Recovery in Lightroom (mostly for the background). Some Fill Light and Blackpoint right. Added Clarity and just a tiny amount of Vibrance. Sharpen landscape preset.

From The Yard: Kennebunk ME.

And for the alternative view: more or less the same shot at 28mm and Super macro from centimeters away. This plant is in open shade, not full sun.